I have a no-tears no-stress approach to family photos. Your kiddo doesn't want to sit still and smile at the camera? Great, neither do I! Let's go climb some trees, run around the field, play some games and get some authentic smiles and capture that play time. I'm all about the family hugs, chasing, and dance parties in our family sessions. I'm not afraid to put on my running shoes and chase your kid across creek beds and over a fence at your family farm for those real-to-life playful photos (true story!). My years as a Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher gave me the skills to work with children of all types, and something I believe sets me apart from other photographers is that I have the skills and passion to work with children with disabilities. If you've been nervous of trying family photos because of one reason or another, please don't be afraid to reach out and I would love to chat! I will find a space with you that feels safe for your kiddo, and make the accommodations necessary to give you the family photos that you deserve.