About Me

I have always loved being behind the camera- whether it's to photograph scenery and wildlife while camping and vacationing with my family, or photographing weddings, snuggling newborns between camera clicks, or capturing you doing what you love for branding your business, photography is my passion. Before becoming a photographer I was a Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher, and my experience in the classroom as well as working with families of infants with disabilities has given me the unique skill set to work well with all children. I try to make all my sessions relaxed and fun, and as natural as possible so we all leave feeling like we've made new friends and had a good time!

Outside of my children and business you'll find me hiking, backpacking, camping with my family, and enjoying any and all workouts I could possibly find. I'm a bit of a fitness junkie and if you ever want someone to try out a new class with you I'm your girl! I've yet to find an exercise I don't like, and I love trying new things.

"(Amy) knew I had insanely active boys so she showed up in her running shoes and literally ran through our pastures, climbed over fences and embraced the busyness of my family. Rather than forcing posed pictures she managed capture moments in time. She is skilled, professional and her love for her work is obvious with every shot."

—Tui S.

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