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Newborn sessions

I shoot in home, natural light, lifestyle newborn sessions when you are welcoming this new bundle into your lives! I spend time with the baby alone, baby with siblings, baby with parents, pets, any combination of above. Newborn sessions are best done between 5-14 days of age while the babe is still extra sleepy and calm.

A "fresh-48" session is done within the first 48 hours of life, typically at a hospital- but can also be at home if thats where you are! I LOVE these sessions for the fact that it's such a raw, real, and emotional time for the family.  There's such an obvious glow of adoration and amazement from the parents at this new tiny human and it's so special to catch these first moments on camera since those first few days seem to blur in our memories. My goal with these sessions is to just capture the natural moments with a brand new baby, and make these blurred days into a memory you can keep forever. 

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